Vision, Mission and Objectives


Advocating shippers' interest in the 21st Century.


To protect and advance the collective interests of exporters, importers, producers and manufacturers in Malaysia in the transportation of goods.


  • To secure the greatest possible cooperation between Malaysian exporters, importers, producers and manufacturers and any other entitles concerned with the transportation of goods;
  • To bring together exporters, importers, producers and manufacturers in all parts of Malaysia on a common platform for consultations on transportation problems affecting them;
  • To search for more efficient systems in transport operation with a view of reducing costs;
  • To seek alternative means of shipment where feasible;
  • To suggest measures for the long-term improvement and development of shipping and other transport services to serve Malaysia's trade;
  • To engage into such consultations and/or negotiations, as may be deemed necessary with ship owners and other with regard to the arrangements for, and the terms and conditions applicable to overseas cargo shipping;
  • To do such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects; and
  • To hold consultation and collaborate with other shippers councils or other regional organisations in pursuance of mutual benefits and to further the interest of Malaysian shippers.